Employee Relations including Case Management/Independent Investigations

Advice, guidance, and active management from highly experienced HR professionals. Guaranteed timely and cost effective solutions. We specialise in mediation and informal interventions (e.g. training) to ensure there is minimum interruption to productivity.

Merlin HR are very proud of our expertise and experience in being able to give advice and provide management support with employment relation cases, however complex. We firmly believe that if you decide to use Merlin HR you will be very happy with the solutions and outcomes we provide.

With any employee relation case it is bound to cause disruption to your business in some form or other, and in some cases become extremely expensive and time consuming for the business. An early intervention from Merlin HR can help to head off problems before they start, can side-line troublemakers, or, can provide harmonious informal HR process designed to minimise disruption in the workforce. We are confident that Merlin HR “Employment Relations Solutions” will effectively manage the problem and make it less likely to reappear.

Merlin HR “Mediation Solutions” can stop a problem in its tracks and we have case examples that we can quote to demonstrate this. Our professional mediators are available at short notice to ensure any problems are stopped quickly, and minimise disruption. A failure by the employer to act in grievance or harassment cases from employees has resulted many times in high cost settlements through ET, thus it makes sense for the employer to deal with the problem when they occur, and quickly.

Merlin HR is proud of the expertise we have in undertaking employee relation investigations e.g. disciplinary/grievance/harassment cases where the employer requires an unbiased assessment of the facts to ensure it takes appropriate action. We are also happy to chair any panel hearing for you if you believe that this will manage the problem more appropriately and allow you to get on with the day job.

Most employers are aware they need to investigate any conduct issue appropriately when undertaking a disciplinary case against an employee. The employee has a right to defend themselves against allegation(s). Without a thorough process of investigation organisations have either found that they cannot discipline the emplyee appropriately, or, have been penalised by an ET when the evidence they have presented is not thoroughly checked and the employee has then been found by the ET to have been dismissed unfairly. With Merlin taking the lead you are sure to be in control of the employment situation and feel confident that any process you follow will be fully informed. In harassment or grievance cases investigation outcomes will be clear and our recommendation will provide cost effective HR solutions to help you manage a problem appropriately and effectively, thus reducing risk to your business. We also offer professional expertise in HR policy outcomes and would be happy to provide training or guidance for your managers to ensure the tasks are managed appropriately should you wish to manage the situation yourselves.

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements or to test our expertise.

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