Employment Law

Direct HR advice (face to face where needed) to meet your employment relations requirements

For employment relations issues when you feel uncertain about the way forward (particularly when you feel threatened by an employee action against your business), Merlin HR is there for you to consult. With our knowledge of employment law and the professional HR expertise we have at hand, we are able to evaluate the risks you face and also to identify how the law may affect you and your business. For any complex or simple employment relations case there is an expectation in employment law that the employer should act responsibly. With Merlin HR at your side we can promise to inform you how to act responsibly and we can also advise you as to how you use the law to your advantage.

Merlin HR is keen to be your business partner and also keep you safe within employment law. With our HR expertise we can examine your current employment structure, HR policy processes and procedures, and then compare them with expectations under the current employment law. We can then advise their suitability or redesign/amend/change these so they are legally complaint. With Merlin HR “Employment Law Interventions” we can guide you to avoid any potential employee conflict where the law may apply, and thus keep your business safe.

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements.

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