Business Continuity and HR Auditing

Includes an effective evaluation process of your current HR infrastructure and HR solutions

Merlin HR prides itself on our “HR Audit tool”, designed to give your business a highly effective HR infrastructure. Should you choose Merlin HR, a HR representative will attend your premises and with your assistance complete our exclusive and innovative audit checklist. The checklist will then be used by Merlin HR to inform you through a comprehensive report of your current HR status e.g. are you legally compliant are your policies and procedures up to date, are your managers/supervisors undertaking their regular HR duties efficiently, what HR systems you currently and how effective these are e.g. payroll, occupational health support, employee records system. Whatever the results of our audit, Merlin HR will be able to give you a comprehensive report that can make recommendations that can only enhance your management strategies for your workforce, help you avoid any employment risks and also create effective HR solution for you to ensure your business is both productive and cost efficient.

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements or to test our expertise.


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