Recruitment, Selection, and Retention

HR advice and guidance / training and development/ recruitment processes that will allow you to recruit and retain the best workforce talent available

For any business the workforce is a key success factor that all business should take account of. If you have the best employees working for you it pays to keep them happy and to encourage them to choose your business as their long term employer. For those employees who are causing difficulties, are none productive, and generally are holding you back, it may be time to call time on them and recruit someone who can join the chosen ones to help make you successful.

In recruiting the best people for your organisation, Merlin HR believes that it has the right formula to help you achieve this outcome. We believe that if you identify a profile of the ideal candidate we can then help you to set up the process of recruitment to both find the right people and also recruit them. We are happy to help you build the profile by providing you with our competency builder tool. Merlin HR strategy for recruitment includes selection processes that both tests your candidates effectively and also measures their ability to become a valued employee in the future, following your designed profile of the ideal employee.

Once recruited or recognised, with Merlin “Employment Solutions”, we can create the success formula that will help you to retain your best employees. This may include cost effective solutions of reward (not always money motivated) that can show you how to value your workforce and in return gain employee commitment to make your business successful. Merlin HR believes that the solution starts at the top and we have innovative strategies that can include development for your leadership team (e.g. board development) in recognising retention strategy. If the senior managers in your organisation are equipped to understand and implement effective employee reward the results can be very influential in creating growth in the organisation. The effects across the organisation will be infectious and the culture of value and appreciation can spread quite quickly creating a positive working environment for all.

At the core of Merlin HR strategy is our ability to transfer our knowledge and experience through training and development strategies. We firmly believe that once you have consulted Merlin HR and experienced our development solutions you will want no other HR support to help you achieve your business growth.

What of those employees that are no longer required? We at Merlin HR believe that we can help you manage the problem and avoid any painful challenges. The shedding of any workforce has to be sensitively managed within employment law and through Merlin HR expertise we believe that we can help. Any solution will be bespoke for your organisation considering all risks and challenges before advising you what is required.

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements or to test our expertise.

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