Equality and Diversity Interventions

Highly experienced levels of E&D support that is designed to maximise opportunities within the workplace and comply with legislation/best practice.

Within the changing world at work it is essential to realise what talents are at the fingertips of any organisation. Having a workforce that includes diversity can only realise the rich opportunities that are available for any employer. Diversity of the workforce provides many benefits and currently some of the leading employers in the UK are celebrating diversity because of the benefits it brings e.g. the employment of an older workforce brings benefits based on life experience and stability that this sector of society offers, the employment of persons from different backgrounds and cultures brings benefits that identify a clearer understanding of what our diverse society requires, and as such creates new business opportunities and markets because of this business intelligence.

If you consider using Merlin HR as a business partner we can offer you the opportunity to realise the benefits of your workforce diversity and maximise your business opportunities.

Merlin HR is also acutely aware of the risks that diversity can bring but we do believe that with a sensible HR infrastructure any risks can be minimised. With the recent updates in equality legislation and the creation of the “Equality and Human Rights Commission”, organisations need to be more aware and to ensure that they are complying with essential government requirements and employment law expectations e.g. Public Sector Equality schemes, Equal Pay audits, Equality opportunities policy and procedure etc.. Such considerations should be available to ensure employment rights are protected for all employees at work and that there is no discrimination or breach of human rights by employers whatever the employees; age, race, colour, gender, disability, religion, sexuality, marital status, or that the employee may be pregnant and as such should not be discriminated against.

Merlin HR is a specialist in managing equality issues at work and if you choose us we will be happy to advise you on how to create a HR infrastructure that achieves this aim. This includes equal opportunities policy and procedure. Any organisation that recognises equal opportunity and values diversity is guaranteed to bring confidence across the organisation and identify that you are an employer of choice. Creating confidence in the workforce can only enhance your business and it would be expected your workforce will respond positively with improved performance. 

Our advice and guidance may also offer you the opportunity to avoid the negative side of diversity that can so often be published and does cause insecurity amongst employers.  With Merlin HR “Equality Guidance”, our policy and training offer to your organisation can prevent equality issues being created and potentially involving you in expensive employment tribunals claims (ET claim from employees for discrimination). Cases in the last few years have seen costs being awarded by the ET against larger business organisations for discrimination of anything up to £2 million pounds. Some 2012 ET discrimination cases against smaller organisations have seen payments of £25k upwards when proven, and in one particular case in 2012 the ET awarded a payment of 320,000 euros in lost earning and compensation to an employee for proven discrimination by the employer. Positive action within your organisation and early intervention by contacting Merlin HR can help you to avoid this risk and also help you maximise the diversity your workforce can offer.

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements or to test our expertise.

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