Stress Management Audits

Cost effective HR solutions that will minimise risk to the employer and positively impact on employee and thus organisational performance.

Most employers are not aware that stress at work is one of the top 4 reasons for staff being absent from work. Most employers are all too aware that absence causes delay in productivity and how sickness absence affects the bottom line. Simple excuses from employees for not attending work and which also fall within the top reasons for sickness absence include; stomach aches, headaches, backaches, colds and flu, which if assessed in context (a combination of symptoms happening frequently to individual employees) can also be identified as stress at work . As a result absence levels grow without any positive action being taken by the employer and increasing sickness absence affects the business continuity.

With Merlin HR “Intuitive Solutions for Managing Stress at Work”, we recommend the use of our stress audit tool which we believe can help to reduce this problem in the work place. Merlin HR offer a full training programme in identifying stress in the workplace and also how to use the stress audit tool to help reduce the problem. With the use of the stress audit, employees reporting stress at work are managed immediately and appropriately. The strategy identifies an action plan to address the problem and thus ensures that your employee remains at work whilst adjustments are undertaken to overcome any problems. Should the tool identify that the symptoms are not stress related e.g. relate to other physiological reasons, in these cases professional assistance can be sought to ensure that the sickness absence is minimised or controlled by appropriate medical interventions.

Merlin HR believes this strategy can only benefit the employer and the business. The Merlin Strategy identifies a responsible action that will ensure employees sickness is managed effectively (reportable audit figures), sickness is reduced effectively, productivity is maintained, the business remains competitive due to having its workforce at work, and any identified employee caught taking sick leave inappropriately can be disciplined appropriately.

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