Why Choose Us?

Running a successful business in a challenging economic climate is difficult, not only paying attention to the needs of your customers but ensuring you have a competent and motivated workforce. By not being adequately prepared to address business risks or having insufficient expertise in the field of human resources within your organisation can cost dearly. Take the following examples based on recent incidents:

  • NHS doctor awarded £4.5 million for bullying, sex and race discrimination.
  • NHS senior manager awarded £1.2 million for Whistle-blowing.
  • Private Sector worker winning large redundancy payout following rejection of what was considered ‘suitable alternative employment’ by her employers.
  • Charity receptionist awarded £16,700 for unfair dismissal.

It’s clear that reacting or behaving inappropriately to workforce risks or problems can cost both time and money. Being prepared and competent to deal with workforce issues like poor performance or persistent sickness before they happen is vital and Merlin can support you with this. Our consultants have a wealth of human resources and organisational development experience and believe in face-to-face interventions to resolve your workforce issues. With Merlin you don’t just get a standard service, you get a tailored approach that involves us really getting to know your organisation and then designing the most effective solutions required.

Merlin can provide:

  • Guidance on your policies and procedures ensuring they are robust, up-to-date and reflect best practice.
  • Training for your staff to ensure they are competent and confident to implement these procedures and deal with workforce issues.
  • Workforce clinics on your premises where you can discuss current workforce concerns facing you with a specialist or receive one-toone coaching.
  • Training and support for other workforce problems like poor teamwork, conflict/difficult working relations or more fundamental business redesign.

Whatever your problem, if its business or staff orientated its worth talking to Merlin first. It’s also comforting to know Merlin draws upon workforce and organisational development specialists with relevant experience to meet your needs.

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