Taining Courses:

  • Attendance Management
  • Performance Management  
  • Managing Disciplinary and Conduct Issues
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Dealing with Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace
  • Raising Concerns/Whistle blowing
  • Handling Grievances
  • Equalities and Human Rights
  • Flexible Working, Maternity and Paternity Guidance
  • Staff Involvement / Social Media 
  • Communication / Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employment Law Update 
  • Change Management 

We are always happy to design bespoke training sessions or suites of training  to meet your companies needs.

All training is delivered locally and can also be delivered on site as part of a retained services agreement and to key individuals in your organization as part of general coaching and development.

We can also provide dedicated support both at an individual and collective level by experienced and qualified HR and management professionals.

Within any organisation developing management capability has to be a serious consideration particularly when it is identified that performance levels are suffering amongst managers and the workforce and this affects the business bottom line.  In most cases the managers or management team you have chosen are the best people for the job but potentially they are not achieving either theirs or the full team capability, or they have not realised their own full potential.  This can be through a number of reasons and a programme of coaching and mentoring can genuinely assist in bringing out the best in people both personally and collectively within their teams. The results of mentoring and coaching programmes have been proven to bring effective results and performance levels have been enhanced due appropriate interventions. In the event that the employee is just not good enough or is in the wrong role, the coaching and mentoring intervention can discover this quickly and save the business a lot of time wasting through performance and disciplinary procedures.

Within Merlin HR we pride ourselves on having access to a number of professional people who can provide coaching and mentoring support to your business. It is Merlin HR firm belief that if you show confidence in a manager and provide investment by arranging a coaching or mentoring programme for them, the individual will in most cases respond positively. Security of employment is a key factor in this confidence e.g. if you are prepared to invest in personal development for the employee they recognise job security follows. 

The two way contract can only but create a positive step forward for both parties e.g. by addressing the poor performance of the employee, and maximising your business performance and opportunity. The Merlin HR “Coaching and Mentoring Intervention” includes a full assessment from you as the employer and includes your perceived concerns with the manager/employee, Merlin HR then identifies with the manager/employee, their perceived barriers that may be impacting on their ability to perform e.g. personal issues, changes at work, difficulties accessing resources, training etc. From this assessment there is a 3 way coaching mentoring programme identified with all parties being in agreement (The employer, employee and the Merlin HR representative). 

For more information please feel free to make contact to discuss your requirements.

See also our dedicated training website

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